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At Gartari, our commitment to people and their needs, goes beyond just a practice – it’s a promise. Our mission is to design ecosystems, which nurture the earth while cultivating bountiful landscapes at the same time – everywhere on this planet. What sets us apart is our lifetime guarantee for our designs; regenerative ecosystems that flourish for generations.
This, we guarantee you.

Permaculture explained

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a design system, rooted in ethics.
It aims to create sustainable and harmonious relationships between humans and nature. It’s about observing and mimicking the patterns and processes found in natural ecosystems to create productive and resilient human habitats.

Here at Gartari, we provide you with your individual roadmap to transform your environment into exactly such a system.


Is Permaculture all good?

Permaculture Disadvantages

Well… if done right, there are none.
While permaculture offers numerous benefits for sustainable and harmonious living, there are also some things to consider. Things like time, effort, learning curve, initial cost, space, climate etc.

Here at Gartari, we will guide you, through all of this, step by step. And with our included lifetime guarantee, you are free to ask for any advice on your implemented design, livelong.

It´s Your Project

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What´s your Project?

With all our Designs comes a life-time guarantee.

This means, when ever there should be troubles with the implemented Design, you can always reach out and ask for advice. We are there to help you with any problem that might come up. Livelong.

Drought Proof

Enough water, year round, on your site; through rain-/water catchment

Fire Retardant

No worries about wildfire. The systems we plan, will survive and extinguish fires.

Ecosystem Restoration

Over 25% of the world´s land is desertificated, more than 70% is already degraded. Time to change it!

Pest & Disease resistant

Biodiversity is key and always part of our systems; therefore they are selfregulating over time.

Low Cost Maintenance

Minimal input dependency, reuse/recycle, design efficiency, longterm sustainability…

Organic Food

Food and nutrient security is a world wide problem. Let´s fix it and be supplied with local, fresh & healty food.

Eco Tourism

Inspire the world, show them what´s possible, on your property and turn it into a profit.

Aid Projects

We are there to help! The need of the poor is our obligation. Let´s turn it into a solution.

Permaculture Ethics

We stay stick to our values, always.

Permaculture ethics serve as our fundamental guideline for sustainable living, advocating for responsible interaction with the environment, nurturing of social bonds, and equitable resource sharing. By practicing Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share, we cultivate a holistic and interconnected existence that fosters ecological vitality, community well-being, and a just distribution of resources, contributing to a harmonious and resilient global ecosystem.

You will feel it as well,
while working together with us.

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