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Matthias Hautmann

Permaculture Designer & Consultant


Matthias was raised in a rural area in a small village in Bavaria, Germany. From young age on he wanted to see the earth, nature and humans to prosper. But more often than he liked, he did not know how to.


In May 2022 he stumbeld over a YT-Video. A Documentary on how India´s waterproblems where quickly solved, by simple earthworks, done by simple people. Over and over the word permaculture was dropped. He decided to learn more about it.

After quitting his jobs, he went to Jordan, to do his Permaculture Certification (PDC) with Geoff Lawton, Sam Parker-Davies and Istvan Markuly.
Further teachers that keep on influencing him are: Mark Shepard, Jonas Gampe, Frank van Steensel and Andrew Millison.

“A great THANKS to all of these great teachers, who set me on my way and gave me the tools to do what I love: regenerating our planet and see people prosper in it.”  – Matthias