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We are there to help you.
Increase the value and yield of your property,
by designing according to permaculture principles.
We want to provide you with the expertice you need, before you start your project, guide you through the developing process,
design a holistic system with you, help with the implementation and connect you with relevant 3rd parties.

Permaculture Consultation


All our Consultations follow the same pattern. Everything starts with a free of charge initial call.

initial Call

Everything starts with a free initial 30-45 min. Zoom-call. You and I will have the chance to get to know each other better. We will dive into some ideas on your project and discuss different options. Afterwards, both of us can freely decide, if we want to collaborate on your project.

Client Brief

After agreeing on our collaboration details, we will take you through varies questions, “homeworks” and information. A client brief will be elaborated, that contains all your whishes, imaginations, dreams and other important information that will guide us during the design-process.

Property Assessment

Our designs are rooted in essential scientific data gathered from the local environment, encompassing factors such as climate type, solar angles, rainfall, topography, winds, water, roads, structures, as well as historical and local knowledge. 


1st Design Draft

We integrate all of this data with our clients’ brief, which provides us with an overview of how to optimally position each desired element within our designs – whether it’s houses, gardens, animals, dams etc.


Adaptation & Refinement

By working closely together, we ensure that all components are tailored to your individual needs. The final design will be a total match for you.

Consultation Expenses

Taylored prices for your project

Pricing reflects mainly the projects complexity & size. We ensure transparency right from the beginning of our design process.

Final Plan

Now that your property-plan is ready, we will talk you through everything, to make sure you know, what it’s all about. Each design comes with a visual conceptplan, a comprehensive report featuring a vision statment, networking resources, site analysis, plant lists and site-specific soil improvement methods, if needed.


A good plan is worth nothing, if it´s not put into action. We would recommend to implement as much as possible yourself. You will gain a lot of understanding from it + you´ll save some money, too. However, if you need help, we are happy to assist you in finding good companies for earthworks, planting etc.

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